Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow and goodbyes

So we have a little snow.  More is predicted.  It's lovely but I wish it had been here at Christmas!
Boy went back to school today and it is always so hard to see him off after he's been home for any length of time.   I cry like an idiot and wave good-bye till his car is out of sight.  Then I'm weepy the rest of the day.  My husb is pretty good with the "there, there" and we'll go out to dinner where he'll be silly and distract me.

I tried to figure out why I get so emotional when boy leaves.  I remember my mom doing the same thing when I was in college, and later.  And never really understanding it.  And - la! - here I am.  I think it centers mostly on the passage of time.  My baby is grown up, making that transition to "real life."  It's a reminder of my own mortality, as each time he leaves it creates a snapshot in my head and in the progression of those moments I get older and of course I project that into the future because I'm maudlin that way...  And I think it's also a grieving process:  Wishing that I was that young again; missing the days of his childhood; time gone by...

Oh, sigh, enough with the whining, eh?  I make it sound as if it's all about me.  Maybe I just love the kid and will miss having him at home!


  1. *pat pat pat*

    There, there, it'll be ok.

    *pat pat pat*

  2. It's always so hard to watch them leave but I'm sure you had a great time during his visit. Enjoy the memories and look forward to his next visit.

    *big hugs and here's a couple of tissues*


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