Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interview and Guest blogging

I do believe that tomorrow (Jan 15) I will be interviewed at Monica Kaye's blog.  Stop by and say hello!

 And on Monday (Jan 18) I am making an appearance at Clare London's blog.  This is her birthday month and she's having guests write posts all month long.  Be sure to visit!


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  2. Wren
    That was me :)
    I did comment on your interview - great job.
    I'll try to remember your stint on Clare's tomorrow and drop by to read what you have to say. Please remind me if you don't see any comment by noon since I'm an early riser.

  3. Hi Wave,
    I saw the interview comment...thanks for that.

    I'll pop you an email in the a.m. if I don't see you on Clare's blog :)


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