Friday, January 22, 2010

Handcuffed Hottie in a Hood, part deux

Here is part 2 to the Red and Wolfie story.  See the previous post for part uno.

Red tugged at the cuffs then looked up into Wolfie’s eyes.  Wolfie was a good six inches taller, and he liked that Red had to bend back a little. 

“Why did you handcuff me?” Red asked.  He tugged at little at his bonds.

“Because I like you that way,” Wolfie said.  He leaned in even closer and brushed his rough cheek against Red’s smooth one.  He felt Red tremble at his touch.

“Are you…are you going to hurt me?” Red whispered.

Wolfie nuzzled at Red’s ear.  “Do you want me to hurt you?” He licked at the soft spot just behind the ear, and nibbled a little on the lobe.

Red shivered again. “No?” Wolfie’s lips continued their assault on Red’s neck, little bites leaving a trail of sensation in their wake.  “I mean…no.  I don’t want to be hurt.” 

“Okay,” Wolfie said.  He went back to kissing Red.  He found the taste of those full lips was like sweet berries and he couldn’t get quite enough.   As he kissed, Wolfie unzipped the hoodie Red wore and pushed it off his shoulders.  It gathered at Red’s wrists, adding another layer to his bindings.  Wolfie pressed his lips against Red’s temple, and sniffed at his hair, which smelled a bit like honey and clover.   Then he trailed more kisses down Red’s neck, on his shoulders and then his collar bones.

“You have very soft lips,” Red murmured.

“The better to kiss you with, baby.” Wolfie smiled against Red’s sweet, smooth skin.   He found a pert nipple and sucked gently.

“Oh. Oh.” Red squirmed.  He looked down at what Wolfie was doing.  Wolfie looked up at him from under his long, long lashes and smiled as he licked.  Red closed his eyes and the tip of his pink tongue peeked out to wet his lips.  Wolfie worked his way back up to Red’s neck.  He licked and sucked all along Red’s jaw, while his slightly calloused fingers tugged at Red’s increasingly sensitive nipples. 

“Oh, your fingers are strong!” Red gasped a little.

“The better to twist these tender nubs,” Wolfie said as he did just that.

Red moaned and wriggled and rose up on his toes. Wolfie pressed in harder, keeping Red up against the wall of the gazebo with his long legs bracketing Red’s and his pelvis grinding against Red’s hips.   He continued to pull and twist and rub those rosy nipples, and he bit somewhat harder on the skin of Red’s neck.  Red liked that; he tilted his head to the side to make room.  Wolfie bit and sucked and bit again, knowing a lovely dark mark would come up there.   He leaned back a little to look at it, and gave a satisfied smile.

“Your teeth are very sharp,” Red said.  He blinked slowly.

Wolfie’s smile broadened.  “That’s so I can mark your beautiful skin.”  He kissed the bruised spot, then he ground his hips against Red’s, rubbing in a circular motion.  Red’s cock had grown hard, as had his own, and it was such sweet torment to pulse them together with clothing between.   Red’s breathing had become ragged. He pushed back against Wolfie.

“You want more, don’t you?” Wolfie whispered in Red’s ear. 

“Ungh,” Red said.

“What was that?  I didn’t quite hear you.”  He ran his hands up and down Red’s sides, around to his back and front again.

“Yes…More.” Red sighed.

“What do you say?” Wolfie grinned.

“Please.” Red tugged at his restraints.  “I want more, please.”

“Heh,” Wolfie said.


  1. Oh, nicely done, getting in an "ungh"!

    "I want more, please."


  2. *grins* so glad you noticed the "ungh"!!

  3. Holy shit girl. Steamy stuff. I noticed the "ungh" too. Best "word" ever. :-)

    Can't wait for the next installment. I think your Wolfie is an excellent choice as well. Exactly what I envisioned. I have a picture of him as a child up as my hottie of the day. ;-)

  4. 'Ungh' is an awesome word. :)

    And 'heh' is perfect for such a smug, sexy wolf.

  5. Fabulous! I'm really loving Red and his Wolfie. More, please?

    Awww, Wolfie was a real cutie as a kid! :)

  6. Who knew young werewolves went through a lapdog stage? ;)

  7. It's the equivalent of the awkward adolescent stage. :-)

  8. Oh! I have a new favorite word - sorry, "ungh", but "nnnngrh!" just took your place. (Kudos to Lenore Black, All's Fair in Love and Advertising for that one.)

  9. I'm glad you all are liking this. Fun!

    Tam: I loved Wolfie as a child! You can see his potential.

    Kris: Ungh - I hoped I was remembering that right from your blog.

    Chris: I'll see if I can work in nnngrh. I think there's still time for that :)

    Lily: Well, since you ask so nicely...I'm hoping I'll be able to do a little more this weekend. I AM supposed to be writing for this other blog, you know. *beams*

  10. And, y'know, hopefully writing more brilliant books for us all to buy, of course.

    No pressure.


  11. Ooh, this is good. Keep up the good work, Wren!

  12. Chris: No, no pressure at all!

    Jen: Thanks!

  13. Holy Criminy!
    I come over here since you stopped by Pajamas and Coffee and all , so i wanted to say hey and thanks and whatnot and then I SAW YOUR HOT ASS BLOG and now I am all like hot flashy and there are COCKS here and omg, I think I am in love right back atcha.
    You ROCK!!

  14. Hey marymac. Thanks *shuffles foot* I was so excited to see your comment here, cause you're all like professional and funny and have a bunch of followers and stuff.

    Glad you like the blog.

    Now you know what I enjoyed your fuck a duck story so much :)

  15. Damn sister! I found your blog through Pajamas and Coffee, and I am liking this! *blushes*

  16. Oh Suzy, don't blush! You're among friends *g*

    So glad you found me! Keep never what will come up! (heh heh heh)


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