Free Read - Hottie/Hood

 Handcuffed Hottie in the Hood
by Wren Boudreau
(c) 2009

Once upon a time a beautiful young man strolled along the walk by the river through the woods.  Despite the bright sun that warmed the day, he wore a red hooded jacket, and kept the hood up, as that was the fashion for beautiful young men in those days.  He also wore pants that threatened to fall right off his hips; they certainly did expose the waistband of his red boxer shorts.

Well, Red was on his way to his grandmother’s house, sent there by his mother to bring a treat to the ailing old woman: Pepe’s burritos from Joe’s diner.  The half-dozen burritos nestled in one Gladware container hidden under the folds of a towel in the canvas bag Red carried.  Red’s mom didn’t want to worry about getting one of her good dishes back from Grandma, who tended to throw things away rather than wash them.

Red stopped along the way to feed the ducks with stale bread he brought along for that purpose, and to buy a sundae cone from the Good Humor man, and to watch the university students practice rowing on the river.

He was leaning on the rail, enjoying his ice cream, when a man appeared next to him.  They nodded at each other.

“Nice day,” said the man.  He wore a shirt that must’ve been a size too small, because every line of every muscle showed.  He hadn’t shaved for a day or two, maybe.

“Um-humm,” said Red, licking the cone and giving the man a once-over.  Red really liked his eyes. And arms. And his slightly shaggy hair.

“I’m Joe.  Joe Wolferman.” The man turned toward Red. “But my friends call me Wolfie.”  He sniffed appreciatively at the bag Red carried.  “What’s that you’ve got there?”

“Burritos.  For my sick Grandma,” Red said.  He had reached the last bit of the ice cream cone, and some of the sweet stuff dripped out the bottom.   He tilted his head back to suck out the last of it. 

Wolfie watched with interest as the young man’s adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed.  When Red felt those eyes hot upon him, he stopped sucking and stuffed the end of the cone in his mouth.  Sheepishly he chewed and swallowed the last of it.

“Good?” Wolfie asked, with one eyebrow raised.  Red nodded.  “Then I have something you might like.”

“What’s that?” asked Red.

“Come along and I’ll show you.”  Wolfie held out his hand, and after a moment’s hesitation Red put his hand in Wolfie’s.  Wolfie grinned, showing his remarkably white teeth.  “Let’s go over here. There’s a trail.” Wolfie led him along the garden path, into the woods, where a little gazebo stood in a clearing.

They entered the gazebo.  Wolfie took the bag of burritos from Red and set it down gently by the door. 

Red looked around the small space, and up at the rafters.  “This is…nice.”

“It is.  It’s the perfect place.” Wolfie advanced on Red. “Do you like to play games?”

Red backed up until his back hit the wall.  “What kind of games?”

“You know.  Games.” Wolfie bent down and kissed Red, just like that.  Red gasped at the pressure of Wolfie’s lips against his, and in that second Wolfie’s tongue jutted in and twisted around Red’s.  Red gave himself over to the kiss.  Wolfie’s hands stroked his arms.  Red became lost in the sensation of this beautiful man kissing him, rubbing him.  So much so that he didn’t notice the handcuffs on his wrists until he tried to bring his arms up around Wolfie’s neck.

“What…?” Red wondered.

Wolfie looked quite smug. “Heh,” he said.


Red tugged at the cuffs then looked up into Wolfie’s eyes.  Wolfie was a good six inches taller, and he liked that Red had to bend back a little. 

“Why did you handcuff me?” Red asked.  He tugged at little at his bonds.

“Because I like you that way,” Wolfie said.  He leaned in even closer and brushed his rough cheek against Red’s smooth one.  He felt Red tremble at his touch.

“Are you…are you going to hurt me?” Red whispered.

Wolfie nuzzled at Red’s ear.  “Do you want me to hurt you?” He licked at the soft spot just behind the ear, and nibbled a little on the lobe.

Red shivered again. “No?” Wolfie’s lips continued their assault on Red’s neck, little bites leaving a trail of sensation in their wake.  “I mean…no.  I don’t want to be hurt.” 

“Okay,” Wolfie said.  He went back to kissing Red.  He found the taste of those full lips was like sweet berries and he couldn’t get quite enough.   As he kissed, Wolfie unzipped the hoodie Red wore and pushed it off his shoulders.  It gathered at Red’s wrists, adding another layer to his bindings.  Wolfie pressed his lips against Red’s temple, and sniffed at his hair, which smelled a bit like honey and clover.   Then he trailed more kisses down Red’s neck, on his shoulders and then his collar bones.

“You have very soft lips,” Red murmured.

“The better to kiss you with, baby.” Wolfie smiled against Red’s sweet, smooth skin.   He found a pert nipple and sucked gently.

“Oh. Oh.” Red squirmed.  He looked down at what Wolfie was doing.  Wolfie looked up at him from under his long, long lashes and smiled as he licked.  Red closed his eyes and the tip of his pink tongue peeked out to wet his lips.  Wolfie worked his way back up to Red’s neck.  He licked and sucked all along Red’s jaw, while his slightly calloused fingers tugged at Red’s increasingly sensitive nipples. 

“Oh, your fingers are strong!” Red gasped a little.

“The better to twist these tender nubs,” Wolfie said as he did just that.

Red moaned and wriggled and rose up on his toes. Wolfie pressed in harder, keeping Red up against the wall of the gazebo with his long legs bracketing Red’s and his pelvis grinding against Red’s hips.   He continued to pull and twist and rub those rosy nipples, and he bit somewhat harder on the skin of Red’s neck.  Red liked that; he tilted his head to the side to make room.  Wolfie bit and sucked and bit again, knowing a lovely dark mark would come up there.   He leaned back a little to look at it, and gave a satisfied smile.

“Your teeth are very sharp,” Red said.  He blinked slowly.

Wolfie’s smile broadened.  “That’s so I can mark your beautiful skin.”  He kissed the bruised spot, then he ground his hips against Red’s, rubbing in a circular motion.  Red’s cock had grown hard, as had his own, and it was such sweet torment to pulse them together with clothing between.   Red’s breathing had become ragged. He pushed back against Wolfie.

“You want more, don’t you?” Wolfie whispered in Red’s ear. 

“Ungh,” Red said.

“What was that?  I didn’t quite hear you.”  He ran his hands up and down Red’s sides, around to his back and front again.

“Yes…More.” Red sighed.

“What do you say?” Wolfie grinned.

“Please.” Red tugged at his restraints.  “I want more, please.”

“Heh,” Wolfie said.


Wolfie cupped Red’s ass cheeks in his large hands and squeezed. Red liked that a lot, and he moaned.  Wolfie’s tongue dragged down Red’s hairless chest and abs, and Red’s muscles twitched at every sensitive spot the big man found.  He wished his hands were free.  He wanted to touch Wolfie, run his fingers through the thick dark hair, and over the big, tight muscles. He pulled at the restraints even though he knew he couldn’t slip out of them.

Red could feel the shape of Wolfie’s smile against his skin.

“I should probably, um…” Red stopped when the other man sucked up a mark on his stomach. “Oh. I should…the burritos…my grandma.”  He knew there was a complete thought in his head somewhere; the words were scattered every which way, though.

When the strong fingers popped open the button of his pants and lowered the zipper, Red stopped breathing for a minute. The pants dropped straight to the floor since they were already loose. Wolfie knelt on the floor and ran his hands lightly up and down Red’s thighs and around to his calves.  He put just enough pressure in his touch on the back of Red’s knees so that it didn’t tickle; instead, it made Red’s cock push even harder against his boxers.

Wolfie mouthed Red’s cock over the fabric.  There were little moany, whimpering sounds and it took a second for Red to realize he was making them.  Wolfie’s hands traveled up the back of his legs, under the legs of his boxers and onto his ass.  When Wolfie squeezed the round muscles, Red’s whimpers turned into groans.

Wolfie leaned back and looked up at Red through long black lashes. The tip of his tongue traveled back and forth across his lower lip as he slowly - oh so slowly - drew down Red’s boxers.  He stretched the waist over Red’s weeping cock and under his balls, then smoothed it down over his ass.  He pulled gently on the fabric to bring the shorts down Red’s thighs, over his knees, to rest on the pants already pooled at his feet.

Red let out a shaky breath.  “You’re very good at this.”

“Yes.  I am.”  Wolfie smiled his white-toothed smile.  He pressed a kiss to the crease where Red’s thigh met his hip, first one side and then the other.  He tongued the balls in their soft sac.

“Please, I can’t.” Red couldn’t think is what he couldn’t.

“Shh.” Wolfie hissed the sound as he mouthed his way up Red’s cock.  Red had never seen anything so sexy in his life.  As Wolfie’s talented tongue and lips caressed every bit of him, Red’s body melted a little, his arms hung without tension in the cuffs, his back and shoulders rounded a little.  When Wolfie took Red’s cock into his mouth and throat, though, Red’s body clenched.  Big hands pressed his hips back against the wall, keeping Red still, letting Wolfie do the work of sucking, licking, sliding up and down and generally driving Red crazy.

Red wanted so badly to grab Wolfie’s hair, hold his head still and thrust. He couldn’t do any of those things.   Wolfie must have felt the tension of Red’s body, because he sucked harder, slathering Red’s cock with saliva and sliding his tight fist up and down.  The pressure he put on the sensitive spot just below the cockhead was what sent Red right over.  He came with a shout, spurting into Wolfie’s greedy mouth.  The man savored it, licking Red’s shaft until Red shuddered and let out a deep sigh.

Wolfie stood and returned to kissing Red.  He could taste himself in Wolfie’s kiss and that made him more eager and open.  Wolfie caressed his chest, his abs, his arms. He ran his tongue around Wolfie’s and bit at his lips.  Wolfie chuckled deep in his chest. He reached around behind Red. 

It took Red a moment to realize the cuff on his right hand had loosened enough that he could pull his arm free.  He tried to bring it around so he could touch Wolfie, but the muscles were cramped so he had to move slowly.  Wolfie massaged his shoulders and arms and helped him bring them forward, pulling the hoodie off as he did so. 

Red was just about to thank the bigger man for releasing him, when he felt the pull of the cuffs on his wrists again, this time in front of his body.  He shook his head and looked up at Wolfie.

“Oh, we’re not done yet, little Red,” Wolfie growled. He pulled Red’s shoes off, then tossed aside the pants, boxers, even the sweatshirt that puddled on the floor.

“W-w-what are you doing?” Red asked even though he could guess.  He was standing there naked, handcuffed, in front of a very large, very aroused man. 

Red had played around quite a bit. He knew about kissing and hand jobs and blow jobs.  But there was a lot he didn’t know about.  Not up close and personal, anyway.

Wolfie pulled him forward by his cuffed hands.  He stood him in front of the picnic table that sat in the center of the gazebo and then pushed him down.  Red’s chest hit the table.  With his feet still on the floor, his ass made a perfect target.

“Heh,” said Wolfie.


Wolfie caressed the beautiful round globes of Red’s ass then massaged his way up Red’s back and down again.  Red tried to push up from his position over the table, but Wolfie pressed down on his shoulders.

“Stay,” Wolfie said in his gruffest voice.

Red whimpered. And stayed. 

Wolfie’s pants had been tight to start with, and now it seemed they would strangle him.  Still he wanted to take his time. He shifted a little and stretched himself over Red’s naked body, sliding his hands up Red’s arms. He kissed Red’s shoulders and neck; the man smelled delicious, and so Wolfie licked small circles on Red’s skin. He tasted delicious, too.  Wolfie could feel the hitch in Red’s breathing.

As Wolfie stood up, Red twisted to watch him.  “I’m not going anywhere, Red.”  Red lay back down, and Wolfie smiled at that.  He grasped the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it off in one smooth motion, shaking his head so his shaggy hair fell back into place.  He knew Red was looking over his shoulder to see what he was doing.  Wolfie took a moment to stretch.  He brought his hands down to his own chest and tugged at his nipples, enjoying the slight burn.  He rubbed his stomach and dipped his fingers just under the waistband of his jeans.  Red strained to get a good look at him.

“My, what rock-hard abs you have,” Red said.

“The better to control my lifting and lowering,” Wolfie said.  He slunk around the table, stopping at a point where Red could reach him with his cuffed hands. “Open my pants, Red.”  He knew he was already leaking pre-cum from his confined cock.

The younger man looked up at him, paused only a moment and reached for Wolfie’s buttons. Wolfie enjoyed the sensation of Red’s trembling fingers brushing against him as he opened each button.  Red spread the placket, and Wolfie’s shaft strained against the soft give of his boxer briefs.

Red licked his lips.  “My, what tight clothes you wear.”

“The better to enjoy letting loose,” Wolfie said. Red reached a tentative finger out, but Wolfie grabbed the cuffs before Red could reach him.  “Suck me.”

Red pulled himself forward until he was close enough to touch his lips to Wolfie’s cock.  Wolfie felt a gentle kiss, a lick and then suction as Red found a way to get his mouth around him despite the cloth in the way. It felt so good he let out a groan that was almost a growl.

He grew harder with Red’s attentions. When he felt like thrusting, Wolfie pulled himself away from Red’s puffy lips.  Red gave a disgruntled moan then watched hungrily as Wolfie stepped back.  He toed off his shoes and peeled off his briefs and jeans.  Wolfie stretched again, feeling the pull in his muscles, displaying himself for Red.

Red’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “My, what a big cock you have.”

“The better to fuck you with, baby.”

“Oh, yeah.” Red nodded.

“Heh,” said Wolfie.



Red watched as long as he could while Wolfie circled around to stand behind him.  The hands on his ass felt warm and strong, and Red relaxed under their touch.  He thought he knew what to expect, but was still surprised when Wolfie traced a path between his cheeks and circled his hole.  He hadn’t realized just how sensitive that part of him was.  He squirmed with need.  Wolfie landed one hard slap on his ass and Red was so shocked he became completely still.

“That’s better,” Wolfie said.

He pushed on Red’s thigh to move one leg up on the table.  Red felt the air caress his skin in unusual places.  A cool liquid and pressure on his hole alerted Red to Wolfie’s finger just before it entered him. A fleeting question of where the man had gotten the lube passed through Red’s brain before it was overtaken by his wordless response to the sensations in his ass.

“Oh, God,” Red muttered.  “That feels so…so…oh.”

Wolfie withdrew but before Red could protest two fingers entered him.  Feeling them move inside him was strange and exciting and he didn’t know if he wanted more or less until Wolfie hit the spot that sent Red’s nerve endings into overdrive.

Red moaned a long low sound he was sure he’d never made before.

“You like that.”

It hadn’t been a question but Red said “yes” anyway.  He wanted to reach for his newly engorged cock but couldn’t, of course.

As if reading Red’s mind, Wolfie reached around with his unoccupied hand and grasped Red’s prick.  His touch was just light enough to be torturous.

“Please,” Red gasped. 

“Please what?”

Red squeezed his eyes shut and licked his parched lips.  He knew Wolfie was teasing him.  The gentle pulls on his cock and the steady slide across his prostate were never going to be enough. “Please fuck me.”

“My pleasure.”  Wolfie pulled away from Red, leaving him feeling very exposed.  He heard foil crinkling.

What began as a slight press became a staccato pain as Wolfie’s cock entered Red’s body.  Wolfie rested a hand on Red’s back and held still while Red forced himself to relax.  Then he felt the steady pressure as Wolfie pushed further in. 

Red alternately held his breath and gulped in air until Wolfie was fully against him. He’d never felt anything like this before.  It was painful, but it wasn’t. Wolfie didn’t move, and Red’s awareness of being filled grew until it was all he knew.  The soft tingle of Wolfie’s fingers sliding down his back seemed to wipe the pain away until only pleasure remained.  Red felt himself shift, somehow, inside.

Wolfie must have felt it too, because he growled and grasped Red’s hips in his large hands, then pulled almost all the way out. Red lifted his head from the table and instinctively grabbed for the edge with his bound hands.  Wolfie pressed in again, all the way, and almost out once more.  Red had a second to breathe, and then nothing mattered because Wolfie began to thrust and all Red could do was hold on for the ride.  He relished the feel of the other man’s hips hitting his ass, the push and pull on the skin around his hole, the sweat slick between them.

Wolfie reached under Red’s chest and belly and pulled him away from the table so that Red stood, slightly bent, with his hands out on the table to support himself. When that big cock settled in over his prostate, Red arched his back and howled in ecstasy.  Wolfie wrapped the fingers of one hand around Red’s cock, and held him tight across the chest with the other hand.  The feel of his teeth biting Red’s shoulder became a spark that lit the climax for both of them.  Red felt Wolfie’s cock pulsing inside him as his own cum jetted out over Wolfie’s hand.

A few moments ticked by; Red made sure his heart was still beating.  Wolfie breathed heavily on his neck and pushed away from Red.

“Oh baby.” Wolfie’s voice was a little hoarse. 

Red stood up on trembling legs.  “That was incredible.” 

Wolfie nodded his agreement, then proceeded to clean up, using the napkins from Red’s burrito bag.  He removed Red’s cuffs and they both got dressed.  Red liked the aches that rolled over his body.

They left the gazebo and stood on the path, studying each other.  Wolfie raised an eyebrow.

Red looked at his feet then back at Wolfie.  “I visit my grandma again on Friday,” he said.