Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fan Letter to an Author Blog Crawl!

Kassa started it, this crawl around the webz wherein bloggers write fan letters to favorite authors.  And she set up a schedule, which you can see on Erotic Horizon's blog  if you click the link in the left column, the one in several colors that says "Blog Crawl" right on it.  If you aren't all the schedule you can still participate.  Just write your love letter and link back to the schedule so others can see what's what.  Or not.  It's a free world.

Thank you to Amy, of My Friend Amy, for tagging me in the crawl. 

Here is my letter, to Charlie Cochrane, author of the wonderful Cambridge Fellow Mysteries.

Dear Charlie,

 It's 2:00 a.m. and I've just finished Lessons in Trust. Oh, how I love Orlando and Jonty!

I have read with great satisfaction every book in this series, a couple of them more than once (to tide me over till the next book).  Sitting down with one of these books is like getting comfy on the couch with an old friend and a cup of coffee, and maybe a few slices of banana bread.
Your writing is so darn clever.  The banter between Jonty and Orlando is precious.  It makes me smile and snicker.   Witty, dry, and quick, I suppose it's what they call English humor.  I find it very satisfying.  And it's not just between our two heroes; family and friends get in on the act as well.

You bring these boys to life with their humor and poking fun, juxtaposed with the serious stuff they carry with them: Jonty's past experience of abuse and Orlando's difficult personal history.  And you have done this through seven books covering several years.  They begin their journey tentatively, as they hold on to their secrets and insecurities.  With each book  they take ownership of their own selves and each other, together and separately.  The mysteries keep me curious, the romance keeps me interested and nothing is static.   By the end of the series we know these men as intelligent but sometimes stupid, reserved but often passionate, humorous and just as much heart-breaking, and always honorable, except when they need to lie.

The way you write their love-making proves that the mind is the most important sexual organ. I, who like to read about sex in all its explicit detail, find myself thrilled with the build-up to and subtle description of Jonty & Orlando's encounters. There is delightful tension and sometimes hunger in the way you write about a touch of a hand, or a look, a scent, a reminder that requires no explicit blow by blow (pardon the pun) to show the attraction between these two .  I look forward to reading your clever descriptions of their sex life, such as:

"He needed all his energy concentrated on making sure he didn’t spoil the match with a premature shot at goal. "

The mysteries stay interesting because you vary their style from book to book.  Jonty and Orlando may be investigating a murder next door, or one that's been unsolved for years. Despite the sometimes gruesome murders that take place within the pages, these are genteel books. I know our heroes will solve the mystery with characteristic attention to manners and shrewd perceptions.

I am happiest with a book that invites me to immerse myself in its world. So thank you, Charlie, for much happiness!


To visit Charlie's blog, go here
A free short story about Jonty and Orlando can be found here.

Tomorrow, go to Smokin' Hot Books to read the next letter!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy I-Suck-Less-Than-Yesterday Day!

In the spirit of The Bloggess, I am jumping on the bandwagon of 
Happy I-Suck-Less-Than-Yesterday Day!

My contribution to less suckage is sharing a happy.

Here is a pic of Shnoogy the Mutt.  I mentioned his smile in my ten things that make me happy list and KZ wanted to see.  Just so you know, it is very hard to get a good smiley picture, because he's usually playing when he does it.  This was as close as I could get.

I will also spend time this afternoon planning our next family vacation - something I'm not fond of doing but BH is very busy and it would stress him way out over the edge to deal with it.

There.  I suck less than yesterday.  Do you?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Four And A Half Kisses

Jeff, of MichelenJeff Reviews fame, gave Ice Cream on the Side 4 and 1/2 kisses!  You can read it here, along with an interview.

And here's a cookie.