Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More happy happy!!  This just sucked me right in.

Now I must return to reading Kresley Cole's Demon From The Dark!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Music that makes me happy!

This is my favorite song these days.  When I hear it, I have to move, and then I have to play it again.  And maybe again.  So I thought I would share.  Scissor Sisters: Fire With Fire.

I love that they are driving around on a sort-of fire truck.  The action of the vid isn't all that stupendous, but I think the song is fabulous!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Book, New Template (same old me)

Hey yinz guys!

I think I just needed a bit of summer vacation.  Feeling better now.  And happy to tell you that I have a new book with Loose Id, to be released October 5!!!!

It's called
Back To Normal

Loose Id is having an event in honor of National Coming Out Day; I don't know what they have planned, but I imagine they are releasing a bunch of, or some anyway, books with that theme. 

Here are the main characters in Back To Normal:

Hero 1: Greg Capello 
  • has been deep in the closet since his teen years, for a couple of reasons (which you'll have to read to find out) and even
  • totally denies that this part of him exists, going so far as to get married (of course that didn't work out; the book opens with his now ex-wife driving off).
  • got hit in the head with a golf ball when he was young, now suffers from bad headaches which seem to be getting worse and since then
  • his dead aunt's spirit communicates with him; Greg refers to her as "living in my head".
  • his older brother has been looking out for them since they were kids.
  • his mother thinks he just needs a good woman and keeps trying to fix him up with one.
  • finds his life slowly unraveling due to some unexpected events, not the least of which is meeting Finn Sparks (because now he can't get the man out of his mind)
Hero 2: Finn Sparks
  • is quite comfortably out and
  • has slept with many, many men, but never the same man twice, mostly because he
  • doesn't like it when things get complicated.
  • with Hayden, his twin sister/business partner, is remodeling an old restaurant and turning it into an Irish pub.
  • his grandmother  heads the Neo-pagan Sparks clan; she's also got "the sight" and when she reads Finn he starts to understand why
  • he is unaccountably attracted to Greg

And here are some of the things that happen:
  • job loss/change
  • a stolen kiss in a bookstore
  • undeniable attraction that is...denied
  • dinners in a restaurant
  • bartending
  • therapy
  • conversations with someone nobody else can see or hear
  • unwanted thoughts 
  • bad memories
  • Internet research
  • tingles
  • family gatherings
  • discovery

 So, yeah, I'll be around a little more often now.  See ya round the webz!