Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's My Birthday, Make Me Laugh, I Dare Ya.

Well, it's almost my birthday.  Close enough, as it is on Tuesday of next week and I'll be in Jamaica, drinking colorful beverages with little umbrellas in them.  Probably in the rain, if the weather channel forecast is correct.  But, what are you going to do?  My husband planned this trip, as he thought it best to get me out of here for this "milestone" birthday.  I have a bit of a reputation for hating birthdays and making everyone around me miserable as I wallow.

To try to ward off the bday blues, I'm going to focus a little more on the funny in my life.  Since I read a lot, I thought I'd start there.

I recently re-read Lynn Lorenz's Edward Unconditionally because I recalled that I laughed through a lot of it.  Here's a little bit:
His head pounded, he’d been dog bit, and he’d lost a fight with the gayest man he’d ever seen in his life.
Edward wasn’t sure about going to a ranch or what he’d find there. He had a vision of trying to drive the Miata through a herd of cows. What if there was a stampede? In those old westerns, the cattle always charged right over a cliff.
Edward leaned against the door, his mind racing. If he let Jack in, Jack would probably kill him for what happened tonight. If he didn’t let him in, he would probably kick the door down, kill him, and then who would pay for that? If he let Jack in, at least he wouldn’t have to pay for a broken door. He’d be dead, but debt free. Not quite win-win, but it had its advantages.
And Charlie Cochrane always gets me going, with her Lessons boys. From Lessons in Power:
 Jonty poked out his tongue, although his lover couldn’t be sure whether he was thinking or being insulting. “And what does Orlando mean? Irritating? Insatiable?”
“It’s from Roland.” “Well, I’m none the wiser with that.” “Neither was the book, to tell the truth, although it’s supposed to be something to do with a famous land. I suspect it means ‘he who gains fame throughout the country’.” Jonty turned up his nose. “More likely ‘he who spends hours in the bathroom’. Luckily we have two in this place or I’d never be ready in the morning.”
Jonty’s little nose rose above the newspaper, making him look even more like a small inquisitive mammal than usual.
“For the one-hundred-and-ninety-third time, I don’t snore.” “Don’t you?” Jonty stood up and reached over the table for the marmalade, which his lover had appropriated. “Well, some bloke comes in my bed of a night and reverberates. Perhaps it’s a farmer driving his pigs to market. Ow!” 

So I'm asking you to help me through the big day with laughter.  I'd  love to know what books give you a chuckle (excerpts appreciated), jokes, scenes, pics, songs, etc. 

It doesn't have to be a laugh-out-loud laugh, either.  As Tam says, snorting quietly and smiling broadly will do as well. 

I'll be taking my laptop with me, and criminee if it's raining I expect I'll be on line a lot.  If the sun does shine, then I'll be thinking about you while I lounge by the pool.


  1. Happy early birthday to YOU!!! *tries not to be overwhelmed by Jamaica jealousy*

    Um, let's see. Fun stuff. Maybe some music by the Auto Body Experience?

    Have you read Go Fish by HT Murray (Torquere)? That one made me laugh out loud, with phrases like "hmm, he wasn't doing a very good job of keeping his inner thoughts inner, either."

    I'll keep thinking. :)

  2. I'm mad jealous. Even Jamica in the rain has to be better than here. Hope you have a blast.

    I agree with Chris, Go Fish was hilarious. Another laugh-out-louder I read was Making Your Own Luck by Sean Michael. Totally over the top farce which had me killing myself laughing.

    I've found that Stephanie Hecht books have a sense of humour that is compatible with mine. Kind of snarky. LB Gregg's Men of Smithfield are also very funny and make me smile. I also found Lenore Black's All's Fair in Love and Advertising quite humerous. Josh Lanyon's Somebody Killed his Editor made me laugh out loud the first page I think.

    Looking forward to what others choose. Have a drink (or 6) for me.

  3. Um, Chris, I listened to "Holes" and I must be such a loser cause I thought it was kind of sad. Am I thinking too linearly?

    I have read Go Fish and you're right - I did laugh out loud!

    Tam, I've never read Making Your Own Luck, so I'll have to check that out. Stephanie Hecht's books don't always hit my funny reflex. I did love the Smithfield books and Somebody Killed His Editor. I have All's Fair on my TBR pile. Thanks for the rec's.

    And yes I will be happy to drink a few for you :)

  4. Sorry, I should've pointed you to "A Cave Beneath My Cube". Bummer that there's not a video for "I Just Forget". Sorry, I was kinda out of it earlier, but I went home, took a migraine shot, had a nap, and am now slightly more together.

  5. That makes much more sense. I did find it smile-inducing, especially the lava-lamp and waterbed line!

  6. Happy b-day! (I am so very jealous of your trip!)

    Okay, this is more corny than funny, but one of my students turned this is as an example of pun today:

    Q: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?

    A: Dam!

    If I can think of something better, I'll be back. :)

  7. Hi Eyre,
    You know, I've heard that before, but it still makes me chuckle. So a win for you!

  8. Happy Birthday, Wren! Oh, wow, Jamaica. I need some Jamaica right about now.

    The funniest joke I know -- or, rather, the only one I can remember -- has to do with crotchless panties. But far be it for me to repeat it.

  9. Happies, Wren. Smile for Christ's sake.

    Does it have to be m/m? My go to for laughs are Shelly Laurenston's Pack and Pride series. They are fucking hilarious.

  10. Chris - Whatever that link is it doesn't work for me. And I'm soooo curious!

    KZ -"Need some Jamaica" sounds like a book title!

    You know it's not fair to tease like that.

    Kris - I am smiling. Can't you tell? Never heard of Pack and Pride, will have to look into it.

  11. Well, since I Can Haz Cheezburger seems to be borked right now, I have emailed you the picture. :)

  12. And a fine one it is!

    Have I mentioned that I'm getting a cold? Yep. The right side of my head is totally clogged and my nose is dripping but I can't sniff in. This will make for an interesting trip. Gah!

  13. O noes! Not a cold on the plane!

  14. Yes. Apparently. I will have to double up on the sudafed. But! I still have another day before we fly out. Maybe there will be a miracle!

  15. Happy 'early' Birthday!!!!!

    I hope you have a fantabulous time on vacation. You're so lucky and I'm totally jealous! :)

    I'm a bit brain dead right now so I can't remember the funny parts of books I've read. I'm also not very good with jokes so I'll share a couple of funny videos instead.

    The first is called Daddy's Boy. Just click here for the laughs.

    The second one is The Evolution of Dance. Click here for more fun.

  16. Thank you, Lily!!

    I really enjoyed Daddy's Boy. Didn't see the end coming!

    I'd seen the Evolution of Dance a couple years ago, and it is still hilarious!

    Great choices! :)

  17. Hope you had a great birthday and are all healthy again! Missed you!

  18. HI Chris!

    Loved the Lizards!!

    And thank you - twas a wonderful week!


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