Friday, February 12, 2010

Choose Your Own, 5 Angels, and Kisses to all!

Go to Kris 'n' Good Books, click on "There Are No Accidents" and you'll be sent magically thru the webz to Scribd where you can read the Choose Your Own M/M Story I came up.  Let me know what you think, 'kay?

Yay me, I got 5 Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews! You can read the review here.

I'm seeing a lot of hugging and kissing going on out there, in the spirit of Valentine's day.  So here is my contribution -



  1. I loved the story!!

    Congrats on the review and thanks for the lovely pictures.

  2. The story was great, Wren! And oh so very tricky about that twink. :)

  3. OMG! It's Brian and Justin from QAF! *sigh*

  4. The story was great, and congratulations on the review!

    I <3 Gale Howard.

  5. Congrats on the review and thanks so much for the wonderful cookies.

  6. Chris - tricky twink! Say that 5 times fast.

    Kris - Yay Brian and Justin!

    Eyre - Thanks!

    Tam - Thanks and you're welcome :)


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