Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slices of Life - weekend activities

We've had a busy few days.  I'm jotting down a few of the stand-out moments...

Friday evening - Husb and I attended a fundraiser dinner for a local charity.  The big event was a dance contest of sorts, where local 'celebrities' danced with pro dance instructors.  The celebs were to drum up votes at $40 each, all to go to the charity.  It was fun.  They'd been practicing for weeks on their dance number.  Some did salsa, some foxtrot, some swing.  A la Dancing with the Stars.  Anyway, we're sitting at our table, watching, and Husb leans over to me.
Husb: Give you any ideas?
Me: (Of course it did, but I wanted to hear what he was thinking) Like what?
Husb: You know. 
Me: Yeah?
Husb: For a story (waggles eyebrows).  One could be in drag.
Me: (Having already generated plot bunny) That's brilliant!

Saturday - Husb and I discussed summer vacation plans.  Our son is going to join us, and so we're giving him a choice.  One - United Kingdom, some sort of land tour, or two - Mediterranean Cruise.  If you were at DIK Blog a while back, you saw Jenre's Post about romance novel tropes and a little discussion about researching Greek Billionaires.  Such irony that now we were seriously talking about a cruise that will take us to a few of those Greek Isles! But today, Boy informed us that if he gets to choose, he'd rather go to England and/or Ireland.

Saturday evening - We went to see a production of Avenue Q, which is an adult muppet musical.  There's a gay muppet - Rod (holding book in picture) and his not-gay roommate Nicky.  Rod denies that he's gay until near the end of the show and after intensive therapy.  And Nicky finds him a boyfriend, Ricky, who happens to look just like Nicky, because Nicky knows Rod's type.

Beyond that, though, there was muppet sex.  I kid you not.  Princeton and Kate Monster (see photo below) went out on a sweet date.  The Bad Idea Bears showed up with Long Island Iced Teas and our protagonists got drunk, went home and had sex.  Accompanied by the song "You Can Be As Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)".  I thought it was hysterical.  My dear husb, however, was, well, shocked.  I think it was a "Please bleach my eyeballs" moment for him.  We discussed it at intermission: 

Husb: That's just not right.
Me: I thought it was hysterical.
Husb: Muppets are supposed to be cute.  They're for kids. 
Me: Do you need to go home?
Husb: No.  Just...I can't think about muppets that way.
Me: Well, these are grown up muppets.  

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. *sigh* He was showing such promise coming up with the dancing in drag plot idea and then muppet sex sends him into regression.

  2. Your husband is too funny. How cute he's thinking up plot lines for you. Muppet sex huh. Yeah, I can see that could be traumatic. Big Bird and Snuffie?

    Sounds like a fun weekend, however if you are taking votes I'm going for Mediterranean cruise. :-)

  3. I'm with your hubbie on this one. Muppet sex is just wrong.

  4. Husb: For a story (waggles eyebrows). One could be in drag.

    Well, good for him! Next, you'll have him beta-reading for you to prevent any improbabilities you might inadvertently come up with regarding male behavior!

  5. Chris - He keeps me on my toes, he does :)

    Tam - Whenever he does that I am so bemused. The other night we caught a skit from SNL where two guys kissed, and I thought husb was going to run from the room. So I just never know.

    Sorry, no votes on the trip. We told Boy he could pick... *sigh*

    Kris - Maybe so. But funny. Like when you were a kid and made the Barbie dolls do some hinky stuff.

    Val - I don't think he's ready to do that. Yet. :D

  6. Sounds like you guys have a great weekend. How totally cool that your hubby is coming up with plot bunnies. Although I'm with him on the Muppet thing.

  7. Hi Lily!
    I can see the line is being drawn here: muppet sex good v. muppet sex bad. :)

  8. Your husband sounds really cool. I can't really comment about the muppet sex other than to confess that I have in the past googled muppet porn. ;)

  9. Hello Eyre! Yeah, he can be a gem sometimes.

    Now we know which side of the line you're on :D

  10. Yay! Come to England, although I'd doubt you'd get up far North as to me, unless you plan on visiting the Bronte parsonage. Greece is too hot anyway ;).

    Muppet sex? Well, I could go with that as long as I managed to separate the muppets from Sesame Street. After Kermit and Miss Piggy were doing it, right?

  11. Your boy made an awesome choice! The heck with beautiful blue seas. I'd love to go to England someday. Be a total tourist and visit some country estates and Hyde Park. It's on my 'someday need to do that' list.

    Muppet, there is just something about that that is not right. Of course, this is coming from a woman who likes to make boy barbies make-out. LOL But muppets? I'd be with your hubs on that one.

    Loved that hubs came up with a plot bunny. :)

  12. Jen - After we got off the phone with Boy, Husb says "it would be easier to do the cruise - less planning." I rolled my eyes and wondered why we'd given him a choice!

    At least these muppets were both human-ish! Well, Kate was a monster but we were in the balcony and so if she had fur we couldn't see it :)

    Ava - I sort of expected him to pick England, with his love of Tolkien.

    Okay, if the muppets up to the point where they're having sex have been using bad words and having very mature discussions ("The internet is for porn"), then it wouldn't be such a shock. Really.

  13. Jen - I'm pretty sure the Bronte Parsonage won't be on Boy's list of Things to See. But you never know :)


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