Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ramblings and Cats

I haven't written here lately because I'm just boring myself to death, so why share that?

Had a great time in Jamaica.  It was beautiful there.  We stayed on the south side of the island, so there really isn't anything but the resort.  The perfect solution to my annual birthday mopage. Here is the view from our balcony:

Not surprisingly, I have discovered that my aging skin has taken a dislike to strong sun.  Burns easily, needs shade.  And my face - ack.  Little zits all over.  I thought one of benefits of aging was no longer having a 13-year-old's skin. *deep sigh*

While sitting in the shade on the beach, I read lots of books.  Mostly urban fantasy (made of paper, because I didn't want my Kindle to get sandy) - Underground by Kat Richardson, Unshapely Things by Mark del Franco, Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole, Dead to Me by Anton Strout. I noticed that when I did read an m/m romance (All's Fair in Love and Advertising, by Lenore Black) I appreciated it so much more than when that's ALL I read.

I also read Almost Like Being in Love, by Steve Klugar.  What a wonderful ride that was! 

I ruminated a lot on my next book. I've been scratching away with some ideas, but lying about with my eyes closed made me think more about them, sort of tossing and turning them in my head.  So in the last week I think I've ditched most of the original idea and molded it into something more interesting.  I even *gasp* sketched a bit of an outline, more like bullet points really.  It's definitely going to be a paranormal.

While my son goes on spring break, we are kittysitting.  He was supposed to bring them to us this past weekend, but his car broke down, in need of a new engine.  So I drove the four and a half hours to his place on Saturday, and drove back on Sunday, cats in hand. Or car, I guess.  I had cats for much of my young life, but it's been 10 years or so.  And these two have strong personalities. 

Spike is a basement cat, as you can see.  And while he appears ready to go back to his daddy, it's all just an act.

Buffy is the sort of cat you just want to pick up and cuddle, and she puts up with it graciously, just a roll of the eyes.

My husband gets his coffee cup ready while the coffee is brewing, dumping powdered creamer and sweetener into the cup.  Guess who he found sticking a paw into the cup and then licking off the cream and sugar?  That would be Spike.

Buffy has a cat-sense about when I'm in the bathroom and comes looking for attention, if the door's not latched she just pushes right in.  She came from nowhere at 4 in the morning to do this.

The dog seems to have gotten used to the cats from their previous visits, no longer hiding in the laundry room.  But he is wearing his "when are they leaving?" face.

So, la, a little of my life for you!


  1. Aw, Buffy is just so fluffy and cute! I have a fluffy cat too, but if you tried to pick her up for a cuddle you'd lose a part of your body. At least Buffy lets you take advantage of her fluffiness.

    Good names too!

    It sounds like you had a great holiday - and productive. I shall look forward to the paranormal story.

  2. Thanks, Jen! She is a cutie. And she'll just lay there in your arms and let you cuddle her. I'm sure she has her limits, and that's why she spends time under the bed, I suppose *g*

    Spike isn't quite as agreeable, but he'll cuddle on his terms.

  3. I know what you mean about aging and skin! I thought that would be the one of benefit of getting older. No one told me I'd still be getting zits in my 40s! *mope*

    Hee hee - no dark chocolate soy lattes can be left unattended around here. Chaos will dip his paw in, then look at it in disgust, shake it off, and repeat. The first time he did this, I went to the bathroom and returned to find he'd Pollocked my living room. Eek!

    Does Buffy lie quietly while you hold her? May squirms and squeaks indignantly. But the squeaking, it is so cute! You cannot bear to let her go!

  4. "Pollocked my living room" - heh.

    Buffy does lie quietly. She may huff a little, as if to say, "Again? You are holding me again?" She will also look upside down over your arm, with a yearning face.

    And that skin thing? So not fair!

  5. "I thought one of benefits of aging was no longer having a 13-year-old's skin."

    If you find out what the trick is let me know and I'll tell that zit that is starting on my chin and the one that's hanging around right underneath my nose in the little divot that they have to leave now. Grrrrrr.

    That view is gorgeous from your hotel. I'm glad you found the trip beneficial creatively too. Enjoy your time with the grandkids. :-)

  6. Well, as sucky as it is to have pimplage, I am glad I'm not the only one.

    The grandkitties are entertaining, that's for sure.

  7. "Guess who he found sticking a paw into the cup and then licking off the cream and sugar? That would be Spike."

    That's just too funny! Very resourceful of Spike.

    Looking forward to your paranormal!

  8. Hi Val!
    Yes, Spike is much too clever.

    I'm working on the book now :)

  9. What a gorgeous view! Sounds like you had a good time reading in the shade.

    I rarely get zits but lately my forehead has decided it wants to be the Sahara Desert. It is super dry and flaky. I HATE IT!!

    Looking forward to reading the paranormal.

    Aww, the grandkitties are adorable. Love their names!

  10. Hi Lily!

    Maybe MESS could include a subgroup seeking support for their weird complexion problems!

  11. Um. I'll have to think of an acronym for a while... that's more challenging. :D

  12. Well, something has to pose a challenge to you once in a while *hee*

  13. Great idea! We'll have to set up a meeting once Chris figures out a name. ;D

  14. Aw, y'all have made me miss all the kitties I've ever had. They and all the dogs I've ever had always got along famously. The only cat-plus-other-animal problem I experienced was with the Wicked Pig of the North, Ethel. Vicious creature, that. She had to be shown the door.

    Wren, a paranormal? Good for you! Right now I'm sort of straddling that realm and the contemporary.

    I'll post something on my blog to make you feel better about having occasional minor "blemishes."

  15. Hi KZ, thanks for stopping in!

    Um...Wicked pig of the north? Is there a story there?

    I'll be looking for your blemish post :)


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