Friday, March 12, 2010

Handcuffed Hottie in a Hood - finale

Red watched as long as he could while Wolfie circled around to stand behind him.  The hands on his ass felt warm and strong, and Red relaxed under their touch.  He thought he knew what to expect, but was still surprised when Wolfie traced a path between his cheeks and circled his hole.  He hadn’t realized just how sensitive that part of him was.  He squirmed with need.  Wolfie landed one hard slap on his ass and Red was so shocked he became completely still.

“That’s better,” Wolfie said.

He pushed on Red’s thigh to move one leg up on the table.  Red felt the air caress his skin in unusual places.  A cool liquid and pressure on his hole alerted Red to Wolfie’s finger just before it entered him. A fleeting question of where the man had gotten the lube passed through Red’s brain before it was overtaken by his wordless response to the sensations in his ass.

“Oh, God,” Red muttered.  “That feels so…so…oh.”

Wolfie withdrew but before Red could protest two fingers entered him.  Feeling them move inside him was strange and exciting and he didn’t know if he wanted more or less until Wolfie hit the spot that sent Red’s nerve endings into overdrive.

Red moaned a long low sound he was sure he’d never made before.

“You like that.”

It hadn’t been a question but Red said “yes” anyway.  He wanted to reach for his newly engorged cock but couldn’t, of course.

As if reading Red’s mind, Wolfie reached around with his unoccupied hand and grasped Red’s prick.  His touch was just light enough to be torturous.

“Please,” Red gasped. 

“Please what?”

Red squeezed his eyes shut and licked his parched lips.  He knew Wolfie was teasing him.  The gentle pulls on his cock and the steady slide across his prostate were never going to be enough. “Please fuck me.”

“My pleasure.”  Wolfie pulled away from Red, leaving him feeling very exposed.  He heard foil crinkling.

What began as a slight press became a staccato pain as Wolfie’s cock entered Red’s body.  Wolfie rested a hand on Red’s back and held still while Red forced himself to relax.  Then he felt the steady pressure as Wolfie pushed further in. 

Red alternately held his breath and gulped in air until Wolfie was fully against him. He’d never felt anything like this before.  It was painful, but it wasn’t. Wolfie didn’t move, and Red’s awareness of being filled grew until it was all he knew.  The soft tingle of Wolfie’s fingers sliding down his back seemed to wipe the pain away until only pleasure remained.  Red felt himself shift, somehow, inside.

Wolfie must have felt it too, because he growled and grasped Red’s hips in his large hands, then pulled almost all the way out. Red lifted his head from the table and instinctively grabbed for the edge with his bound hands.  Wolfie pressed in again, all the way, and almost out once more.  Red had a second to breathe, and then nothing mattered because Wolfie began to thrust and all Red could do was hold on for the ride.  He relished the feel of the other man’s hips hitting his ass, the push and pull on the skin around his hole, the sweat slick between them.

Wolfie reached under Red’s chest and belly and pulled him away from the table so that Red stood, slightly bent, with his hands out on the table to support himself. When that big cock settled in over his prostate, Red arched his back and howled in ecstasy.  Wolfie wrapped the fingers of one hand around Red’s cock, and held him tight across the chest with the other hand.  The feel of his teeth biting Red’s shoulder became a spark that lit the climax for both of them.  Red felt Wolfie’s cock pulsing inside him as his own cum jetted out over Wolfie’s hand.

A few moments ticked by; Red made sure his heart was still beating.  Wolfie breathed heavily on his neck and pushed away from Red.

“Oh baby.” Wolfie’s voice was a little hoarse. 

Red stood up on trembling legs.  “That was incredible.” 

Wolfie nodded his agreement, then proceeded to clean up, using the napkins from Red’s burrito bag.  He removed Red’s cuffs and they both got dressed.  Red liked the aches that rolled over his body.

They left the gazebo and stood on the path, studying each other.  Wolfie raised an eyebrow.

Red looked at his feet then back at Wolfie.  “I visit my grandma again on Friday,” he said.

“Heh,” Wolfie said.


  1. Nice! You do the tiny sensory details so well.

  2. Aww, great ending to Red and Wolfie's story. Thanks!!

  3. Lily - Thanks.'re welcome! :)

  4. I'm feeling quite sad that it's over *sniff*.

    Thanks for putting the time in to writing this for us, Wren. It's been fun reading about Red and Wolfie.

  5. Thanks, Jen. Please don't cry. You can come and visit them anytime.

  6. Beautiful job. Wren. That was great, they were quite the couple. :-)

  7. Thanks Tam. They owe it all to you!

  8. Heh. Thank you for this steamy little gem, Wren!!

  9. Wren, I just love Wolfie and Red! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Chris and Eyre - Glad you liked it. My pleasure!


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