Saturday, July 2, 2011

2nd Annual Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl

  Kassa has organized the second annual crawl of thank you's to favorite authors.  
The entire list of participating bloggers is here.
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On to my letter:

Dear J.L. Langley,

Thanks so much for your excellent books!  I have enjoyed all of them, and appreciate the fine quality of the writing.  I think my first Langley book was My Fair Captain, and it's no secret that Nate is one of the finest alpha males ever, or the Steamy McSteamiest of Heroes.  You did a great job combining the culture of the Regency period with science fiction.  I can't think of another author who does that.  Historical mores, dress and politics run side by side with a planet where men are born to love other men and build families with them.  An interstellar navy, an action-adventure mystery and some BDSM elements make this a win all around for me.  Not to mention the compromised virgin and a long-lost heir.  You weave these bits together so fluidly, and build the action masterfully.  You followed this up successfully with The Englor Affair, and I'm patiently waiting for The Regelence Rake.

Can you tell this is a favorite book of mine?

Your With or Without Series is also excellent despite being very different from the Sci-Regency books in that it takes place in a current day setting with werewolves as the main characters.  I particularly like With Caution.  Particularly the relationship between Remi and Jake.  Particularly that scene by the couch.  You know the one I mean.

Let's not forget the Ranch series as well as the Innamorati, proving you are just as good with cowboys as you are with werewolves and sci-fi Dukes and Princes.

All in all, you've given me hours of entertainment, pleasure (and a few stray tears).  Keep writing!

Best Regards,

You can find all of J.L. Langley's books listed here
where she has links to excerpts, short stories, and booksellers.


  1. Lovely letter Wren. JL Langley is another author I have yet to read *hangs head* and what's worse is I owe the first two books in the With or Without series! *blushes* I so need to rectify that ASAP!

  2. Great letter, Wren. I agree, I love JL's books, especially My Fair Captain which was my very first m/m book!

  3. Great letter!! I love JL Langley with a passion and the Tin Star is one of my first m/m books. Like Jen JL has been keeping readers happy with m/m for a long time!

  4. Great letter Wren. I think With Caution might be my fave, or Tin Star. I think Nate's a little TOO alpha for me. LOL I definitely look forward to more books from the author though, they are always engaging.

  5. Wonderful letter! Her With or Without series were among the earliest m/m books I read. :)

  6. Great letter, Wren!

    I love JL Langley's stories and My Fair Captain is one of my all time favorites.

  7. Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting!

    Orannia - lift your head and get to reading those books! They're waiting for you.

    Jenre - Oh, that's a wonderful memory to have. You need a framed print of the cover or something to commemorate the event!

    Kassa - JL is one author who convinces me that m/m can be done really well!

  8. Tam, to each her own, I guess. :)

    Chris - JL has introduced many into the flock, I see!

    Lily, I knew I liked you!

  9. It seems that JL Langley was a first(or close to it) for many readers, I know Without Reservations was my first m/m. I have read and reread that book so many times and I still adore Chay and Bit.

  10. Hello Amanda! I think JL's writing does invite re-reads. One tends to fall in love with her characters!

  11. Love JL Langley! My Fair Captain wasn't my first m/m read, but it was in the first dozen. Read it ages ago, and have re-read it a bunch of times since.

    Fabulous letter, Wren!

  12. Wonderful letter! I must admit I'm intrigued by "the scene by the couch", lol. I'm hurrying away to check out JL's backlist (especially the cowboys)!

  13. Hi Patti and thanks for stopping by! Do, do, do get JL's backlist! :)


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