Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick! Somebody write a story!

Excerpt from the Weekly Irregular, article by Ima Gadfly:

Residents of Peachtree Lane were dealt a surprise last week when the reclusive inhabitants of the old Willowfield Estate stepped out to enjoy a rare day of sun.  Mrs. Lovie McGoggle said, "I was walking the dog when I saw something moving in that back field behind the main house.  Little Precious stopped to make a deposit, and when I got done bagging it, the men were gone and those, um, those, big kitties were just sitting there.  I don't think they saw me, and I snapped that picture real quick. I just love my iPhone!"

It is widely thought that the residents of Willowfield Estate are members of the Long Claw League, a fellowship of intellectuals and academicians who study a broad spectrum of biology, metaphysics and metamorphosis.  It is quite unusual to see their test subjects - as we can only assume that's what they are - out in the light of day.


  1. Her wish, your command? :)

  2. I didn't mean you, either, really, Only sort of. ;)

  3. No. ;P

    I think the 2nd one from the right is cutielicious, don't you?

  4. He. I was thinking the one the second from the right has the best facial expression. I think rather a cheeky sort. :-)

  5. Absolutely. He's either the spoiled brat or the troublemaker!


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