Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Read, Group Discussion, Free Read, Contest

I don't know about you, but the local forecast for tonight is "blizzard." So it only seems fair to apprise you of a free read and some other neat-o stuff.

For Clare's birthday blog, in addition to getting people to post daily, she asked for short stories.  I sadly didn't follow her request to make the theme "New Year's Resolutions" but instead took it as an opportunity to do some blatant self-promo.  I wrote two vignettes from the Back To Normal universe, taking place some months after the events of the book.  It's called Rubbing - The Wrong Way and the Right Way and can be found here at Clare's or at my own live-journal blog (which you may or may not know existed.  I hardly know it exists).

In December, I wrote a short story as a stocking stuffer at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. One of the perks of doing this was to have one of my books listed as a "Book of the Month" there, so that all the various and sundry people who've read it can discuss the wonderousness of it.  Or, you know, whatever else. So if you want, go over there and say something.  While you're there, pop in and say hi to K. Z. Snow because she's in the Author's Spotlight this month.

Referring back to that live-journal thingie I don't do much with, I've copied my pwp story "Handcuffed Hottie in the Hood" in its entirety here.  Yes, it is here on the blog, but in separate posts.  So if you want a little pwp and want it in one, smooth-flowing presentation, you've got it.

Again with the Goodreads group.  On Friday, February 4, there's going to be an all-day chat and tons of give-aways. Of course, you have to be a member of the group, but that's easy.  If you comment on the chat, your name will go in the hat for prizes.  I've donated a copy of Back To Normal.  The details are here!
That's it for now.  If you're in the path of this storm, get inside and stay warm!  If you're not, well, bully for you!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Back To Normal short ....

    I am hoping I can find the time to log into the Goodread chat even for a few hours...

    Hope to see you there.


  2. Hi E.H! Alas, I will be heading out of town Friday morning, to a place where internet service is iffy at best. So I expect to be out of the loop from then until Monday evening. :(

  3. I loved Back to Normal, so the short is definitely a must-read. :)

  4. Our old friend Red!! :)

    Heading out of town on Friday? I hope you're done digging out by then. ;)

  5. Heh.

    I hope the digging is done by then, too. The forecast shows big sun-shine faces for Thursday and Friday.

  6. It is more pleasant to shovel when it's sunny...

  7. Good luck during the blizzpocalypse! (yes, I made that up) We're getting one here, too. :(

    I'm definitely going to check out your LJ. I read your pwp story on your blog, but it will be fun to re-read it in it's smooth-flowing entirety. :)

    Ooh - good tech survival tips, Chris! I've done the 'use my car as a charger' thing before, and gotten odd looks from neighbors as I just hang out in my car in the driveway. But I've never tried some of the other tips.

  8. You're welcome, Ava! Hopefully you won't freeze in the garage...

  9. You're shorts were very cute. I'm dying to know what's up with Steven and Joe. ;-)

    Looking forward to the fun on the 4th although that pesky work things means I'll be late to the party.

  10. Thanks for the survival tips, Chris!

    Hi Ava, stay warm. I bet it's freezing in the garage! Don't expect much from the lj - it just seemed like a good place to put those stories!

    Hi Tam! What do you THINK is happening with Steven and Joe? :D

  11. Two gay brothers isn't too much to ask is it? Huh? Please? :-D

  12. LOL - Tam, are you having flashbacks to Stephani's EMS Heat series (Matt & Lucas)? :)

  13. Tam - I wonder what their mother might think?

    Chris - you're right - so it's been done, I don't have to worry! :P

  14. Totally loved Rubbing! And I definitely think Steven and Joe need their own story.

    I didn't know about your LJ but that's no surprise as I rarely use mine.

    Good luck with your trip. Hope the snow's cleared up by then.

  15. Thanks so much Lily. You're not the only one seeing interesting things between Steven and Joe!

    I guess people are either lj-ers or blogger-ers.

    So far, the trip is looking good!


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