Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Flotsam: Book Release, Mystery, A Wraith of Memory, and It Gets Better

Hello all,  (yes, I know it's Thursday.  Deal with it.)

First, apologies for not posting more often.  I've discovered that my life is quite boring so being Interesting here is just overwhelming at times!

Anyway, there are a few things on my mind...

A.  My new book Back To Normal is coming from Loose Id.  Starting Tuesday, Oct 5, you can buy it here!

Or go to Stumbling Over Chaos and put your name in the hat to win a copy!

Or go to Jessewave's site next week to win a copy (I don't know which day; Loose Id donated one copy of each "Coming Out Day" book to the site).

B. K.Z. Snow has some big time famous author coming to visit her blog.  Probably tomorrow.  Or Monday.  Soon, anyway.  The interwebz are aflutter.

C. I feel so much better about my inability to retain specifics from what I read after seeing this New York Times article.  It says that many of us have
..."a gestalt of knowledge. We can’t retrieve the specifics, but to adapt a phrase of William James’s, there is a wraith of memory. The information you get from a book is stored in networks. We have an extraordinary capacity for storage, and much more is there than you realize. It is in some way working on you even though you aren’t thinking about it."
 For me, this ties in to my Piscean/Introvert personality, or at least that element of it where I "intuit" things rather than "know" them.  Does that make sense?  (Well, it does to me!)
This is me, being intuitive. 
Okay, in reality it's not, but in my mind it is.

D. You're probably already aware of the It Gets Better campaign.  I saw this video today.  This is Darren Hayes of Savage Garden:

And just in case you don't know Savage Garden, this is one of my favorite songs:

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Videos to watch when I get home from work! Thanks.

    So, I "intuit" things a lot - I'm an INTJ (the N is intuitive). It's hard to explain intuitive problem solving to people who don't work that way. (And I'm a Scorpio, FWIW.)

  2. The "It Gets Better" campaign is one of the best things to hit YouTube and the Interwebz in a while. Damn, I hope it makes a difference! Some disgusting stories have been on the news lately, and they've made it pretty obvious our society has an overabundance of brain-dead bigots.

    (And thanks for pimping my big author event, Wren. It's happening tomorrow. Be there or be square, kiddo!)

  3. Chris - I hope you enjoy the vids. I'm an INFJ, so I do understand!

    KZ - I agree. I am appalled at the rash of suicides recently. We are long past the time of "boys will be boys" etc.

    And you're welcome. I'm always happy to pimp. Er, that didn't sound right. Well, you know what I mean.

  4. I'm not sure there's been a rash of suicides or people are just finally paying attention. Maybe in the past families didn't want it known why or they didn't know, now it's not a dirty secret which is a good thing because you can tackle it. My friend David did a video for the project, very cool and if it even helps a few kids it is so worth it.

    You are gorgeous intuiting there in the surf. :-)

    I have no idea if I intuit things (as opposed to inuiting it which would indicate I like in the arctic). I am amazed sometimes what I do remember, I've read a LOT of books and very rarely do I not remember when my memory is jogged. I may not know it off hand, but if you give me a few hits then I remember. The brain is a wonderful thing.

  5. Hi Tam,
    You're probably right that there is more attention being paid - and more publicity. I suspect that in earlier times things like suicide were pushed under the rug. I do hope that kids will find their way to the It Gets Better vids.

    Thank you for admiring my beauty.

    I am intrigued by the mysteries of the brain. Sometimes I think I should've been a psychologist or a neurologist, but I don't suppose one can intuit (or even inuit) one's way through those studies!

  6. Yeah, not sure potential patients would have much confidence in a intuiting neurologist. LOL

    The It Gets Better campaign is amazing, and I truly hope it will help kids realize that it does get better. It amazes me (and not in a good way) that in an age of iPhones and wireless everything, that there is still so much hate out there. But I do notice it changing bit by bit, and more so with the younger generation. My niece and nephew are teenagers and it's totally normal to them to have gay and lesbian friends. They don't bat an eye. They are simply their friends and they accept them as they are. It makes me smile and gives me hope that the world is changing for the good.

  7. Hi Ava!

    "Hello. I'm Dr. Boudreau and I'll be your surgeon. I feel like the problem is with your frontal lobe, so we'll just dig around in there, okay?"

    I'm glad your niece and nephew are bias-free. It gives me hope, too!


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