Monday, December 21, 2009

Jazz and Riley, part 2

Riley let out a strangled cry of dismay as Jazz’s soft, warm mouth left his cock cold and hard.

“Hold on.” Jazz reached for the nightstand even as Riley protested. God, he loved it when Riley got like this; it made Jazz feel like the studliest stud ever. He found the lube and turned back to Riley. “Turn over,” he said.

Riley complied eagerly.  “Yesss.” He lifted his ass up like an offering.

Jazz caressed the globes. His man was beautiful everywhere. He squirted some lube onto his fingers, enough to ease Riley’s passage open. With his dry hand he pulled one smooth ass cheek aside so he could easily slip two fingers of the other hand into the puckered opening. Riley hissed out another “yesss” and pushed back on Jazz’s hand.  Jazz watched in fascination as his fingers disappeared into that tight channel. 

“Fuck.”  Jazz pumped his hand as Riley pulsed. He tried to find Riley’s sweet spot.  Riley’s sharp intake of breath let him know when he hit it. He didn’t think Riley noticed when he added a third finger. Jazz didn’t need to work this much at stretching; he just enjoyed watching Riley fuck himself on his hand. His own cock was leaking steadily and he knew he would have to soon get it inside the other man.  A few more thrusts and he pulled his fingers out of Riley’s clenching hole.

Jazz smeared more lube on his own cock, lined up and pushed in slowly, feeling the warm heat embrace him.

“Jesus, Jazz.  Fuck me now.” Riley’s breath stuttered as he jammed himself back onto Jazz’s dick with a forceful thrust.

“Oh, Christ!” Jazz fell forward over Riley’s back.  Fortunately, he caught himself before he squished his partner.  Riley was strong, but lean.  Jazz’s extra height and weight would not be comfortable landing on Riley’s back without support, and that could put a crimp in the activities.

“Do me hard. And fast.” Riley tried to get him moving, but in this position he had to wait for Jazz to start.

“What’s got into you?” Jazz licked and bit at Riley’s neck.

“God.” Riley groaned.  “Do you really want an analysis?  Just do it!”

Jazz was nothing if not accommodating.  He pulled back and slammed into Riley, who braced his hands on the headboard to keep from hitting his head on it.  His ragged breath and long moan caused Jazz to smile to himself, pleased that he could wring this reaction out of his lover. He pumped hard, feeling his balls smack against Riley’s ass each time. 

He loved the feeling of his body covering Riley’s, their skin slick with sweat, easing the friction. He loved having his face buried in the crook of the other man’s neck, tickled by the shaggy brown hair.

Jazz balanced himself on one hand so he could reach under Riley with the other. He grasped Riley’s cock firmly, the residual lube on his fingers giving the right amount of glide. Immediately, Riley rocked his hips forward to push himself through Jazz’s fist.  He followed that with a thrust back, taking Jazz’s cock all the way in. In a moment, they were in sync, a well-oiled machine, rocking into and out of each other’s grasps. Jazz kept his hand curled around the other man’s cock, letting Riley fuck himself because he just didn’t have the wherewithal to do more than that.  He knew that Riley was lost in the stroking, the movement of his hips back and forth, and that he would keep at it until he came, unless Jazz stopped him.

Jazz had no intention of stopping him.  

“Oh, Lord,” Riley whispered. Jazz felt the pulses of Riley’s orgasm as he spurted. Everything inside Riley seemed to clench around Jazz’s cock, and he couldn’t contain his own release. It powered through him, bringing his body to stillness while the climax roared across his nerves. His rhythm slowed, and he cradled Riley’s body while the last waves rolled over them.  When they both stopped shuddering, Jazz loosened his hold and fell to Riley’s side. Riley turned towards him, a very satisfied smile on his face.

Jazz ran a finger along Riley’s cheek. “That was…really great.”

“Um-hmm. It was.” Riley snuggled closer. “Love you.”

“Love you, too.” Jazz curled his arm over Riley’s waist.  He’d be hungry soon.  Nap first. Dinner later.

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    Merry Christmas!


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