Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Tree not-a-meme

Jenre posted today about her lovely Christmas Tree and asked for her readers to share their pics.  There was also some discussion of mince pies, but I've never had one of those (not sure I've ever even seen one.)  (Although in a trivia game last week there was a question about ox tongue and what Christmas treat did it used to be an ingredient of, the answer of course being mince pies and everyone just went eww and on to the next question) (But that is neither here nor there).

So I am sharing my Christmas tree pics.  We have three trees.

One fake one in the entryway, which is getting kind of long in the tooth.  I know this because when I put it up, needles dropped like rain.  From a fake tree.

The second tree is wrought iron and I bought it a few years ago when I saw it in the Solutions catalog.  We have a large number of heavy ornaments; they drag down the branches on our live tree (and even on our fake tree) and I got tired of rearranging them every year.  Now they have their own place to hang out.

Our "big" tree is one we cut down ourselves.  We do this every year, and traditionally buy a 10-foot tree even though we have 8-foot ceilings.  This explains why the top

We always have to take a bit off the top, and a bit off the bottom. This year, our 20-something son was home to help with the heavy cutting and lifting.  Once the tree was in the stand and situated, he took a two hour nap while the hub and I decorated.  We had to put his two cats in his room because they took too much interest in the breakables.  But they haven't bothered the tree since then.  The dog is merely disgruntled that one of his napping spots has been usurped.

So, like Jenre, I'll come look at your tree if you post a link to a pic of it!

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  1. Wow, you've gone all out with the trees. Very impressive.

    I like the metal tree, it's quite simple and decorative, but I don't think my kids would stand for it :).


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