Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I ran across a post that has improved my vocabulary, assuming I'll remember the ones I didn't already know.  Take the little quiz below the butt to see if your vocab needs improvement.   For instance, callipygian is a lovely word:

Having well-shaped buttocks 

Here are words for everyday things.  See how many you know (without research!).

1. Tittle
2. Lunule
3. Crepuscular Rays
4. Ferrule
5. Gynecomastia
6. Muntin
7. Morton's Toe
8. Arms Akimbo
9. Desire Path
10. Semantic Satiation
11. Skeuomorph
12. Brannock Device
13. Paresthesia
14. Phosphenes
15. Armscye
16. Wamble
17. Feat
18. Peen
19. Rectal Tenesmus
20. Dysania
21. Mondegreen
22. Petrichor
23. Philtrum
24. Perlicue
25. Aglet

Now, go check -  how much of a word nerd are you?


  1. 4.5? LOL

    I knew #3, 8, 18 and 23 and once I saw what #25 was it was a case of "oh yeah, right, I knew that". That's my half point. ;-)

    A feat is something different to me, I think the more commonly accepted definition. Peen also has another more common definition on the internet these days. LOL

  2. Hey Tam!

    Feat sort of confused me. And peen? *snicker*

    I knew 5.5, I think.

  3. Fab quiz! I feel smarter already. I only knew #4 & 8 - pathetic, yes, I agree. Like Tam, I thought of the other definition of peen. #20 is me every morning. And I like the term 'man-boobs' better. ;)

  4. It's because our minds are in the gutter Ava. LOL Also moobs can be used as an abbreviated man-boobs.

  5. Glad to contribute to your intelligence quotient, Ava!

    Maybe "moobs" will be in the next quiz?

  6. Wow, my vocabulary is incredibly lacking...

  7. I'm sure you know all the Important Words!

  8. I knew 5, 8, 18, and 21. I own a ball-peen hammer; otherwise, I would have gone for the pervy answer there.

  9. Hi Eyre, Does the ball-peen hammer have special uses that regular-peen hammers don't offer?

  10. I think it's used for metalworking and with chisels, but I'm not sure. The one I have was in my grandpa's tools, and I sort of confiscated it.

  11. Whoa, I just used "muntins" in a story! And I have Morton's Toe(s)! And I often stand with my arms akimbo while I watch JLA's gynecomastic chest jiggle while he's using a ball-peen hammer!

    Synchronicity! (I didn't know how to fit in the few others I knew without driving everybody crazy, myself included.)

  12. Eyre - maybe you should frame it!

    KZ - show off! :)


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