Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Major Distraction

I have a good excuse for not blogging very much lately.  I've been distracted.

What?  No.  He's just here to entertain you. 
I'm not distracted by him.
Not at all.  
What was I writing about?

My DH and I have decided to build a new house.  This was no easy decision for us, as we've waffled for years (literally!) about moving, buying, building, upsizing, downsizing, having ourselves committed, etc.

A lot in a revitalized neighborhood we've been admiring opened up and we took that as a sign to get off our undecided asses and go for it.  Now we are working with the builder and architect to design the house of our dreams. 

Guess what?  The house of my dreams is more like a mansion. A sprawling, eclectic, funky, expensive mansion. So it's back to the drawing board.

I've become just a teensy bit obsessive about the planning, as I've discovered I really enjoy playing around with room design and such.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about architecture or its rules. 

Long story short, I'll likely become even scarcer in the internet world as we plow through this process and proceed into the actual construction and design and all the decision-making therein.

Wish me luck.


  1. Umm. Speaking of distractions. Were you say something? All I hear was abs blah blah blah stubble blab blah blah hair thing blah blah blah. :-)

    Sounds very fun, even if super stressful. I'd be like that "I want a pool here". Umm lady, we need walls to hold the roof up. "Walls, schmalls, it would look so cute. Make it happen." :-) Hope you get it exactly the way you want it.

  2. How fun, Wren! Especially when your builder looks like that. :)

    Think you'll be able to move in before winter?

  3. Thanks for the entertainment! ;)

    Oh, building a house sounds like so much fun! Sending 'under budget' wishes your way.

  4. I think LB Gregg is going through a similar process right now. :)

    I hope that you actually get to see a couple of cute construction boys during the process. :D

  5. Hi Tam! Yeah, were you saying something? "Make it happen." I like that!

    KZ, I wish my builder looked like that. :) Definitely not by winter - more like April or May.

    Thanks for the wishes, Ava. I definitely need them!

    Chris - the builder says I'll like the subcontractors. But I think he was talking about personalities. I haven't mentioned sitting out in a lawn chair sipping lemonade (or cocoa, depending on the season) and watching for cuties.

  6. Perhaps you can ask for their modeling portfolios first...

  7. Congrats!!! I've always wanted to do that. Hope you enjoy the whole process. :)

  8. Hi Lily!
    Thanks. So far it has been fun. I've been in obsessive mode, though, and my husband has had to say, "Will you pay attention to me for a bit?" :)


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