Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess What Things You're Doin' Wrong


Sometimes I come across things that I think are important to share with the general populace.  Or whoever stumbles into my blog.  Things that might make a difference in your physical or mental health, your standard of living, or satisfaction with self and/or others.  Or that might be at least mildly interesting. has a list of seven things that people (mostly adult American people) seem to do incorrectly.  As a public service, I'm sharing that list with you.  Before you click on the link below, see if you can guess the seven activities --







Go to the post to read all about it!


  1. You're always looking out for our welfare Wren. I must say that sometimes you just have to be a rebel and say I'm doing it my way, and my way does NOT include squatting. For anything.

  2. That was fascinating - thanks for sharing, Wren!

    Of course, I doubt I'll change anything I'm doing, but now I'll feel vaguely guilty and nervous while I'm doing it.

  3. Well, that was all very interesting. Nice to know I'm doing everything wrong.

    And I can't believe researchers did a pooping study, and that people volunteered for it. :-O

  4. Tam - I try to contribute to the community, y'know? No squatting, huh? I'm thinking of getting a footstool.

    Chris - So glad I could up the anxiety factor for you!

    Ava - I'll bet those people got paid. At least, I hope they did!

  5. Wren, I do appreciate your concern for us all. I actually knew the sleeping thing, but I didn't know I've spent 35 years pooping incorrectly. Honestly, that's one that I don't think I can change. ;)

    I wonder if researchers are studying farting. I have a class of 15-year-old boys who can fart on demand and who smell like . . . I can't even describe it. It's the most vile smell imaginable. If I were one of their mothers, my kid would have to sleep outside.

  6. Hi Eyre. I do want to be helpful. We all need to be squatting more.

    I'll bet there are farting studies. I've conducted several right here in my home (the boys smells don't stop at 15)!

  7. Go figure, I don't even breathe right! Pretty interesting info but I don't think I'll be doing changes to my routine. Thanks for the info. :)

  8. Thank you for being such a concerned citizen. Apart from the birthing thing, I'm a lost cause.

  9. Lily, *sigh* I do all this public service and nothing changes.

    Juni, you may be a lost cause, but we'll find you!


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