Friday, January 21, 2011

Free read - anthology "Stuff My Stocking"

The stories written for Christmas stockings over at the Goodreads m/m group are now available in a ***FREE*** collection at 1 Place for Romance.

Yours truly has a story in there called "In the Wind".  It's a little bit werewolfy.  Grrawr!

Many thanks to Mod Lori, JenB, Jason, Diane, Kathy and Rachel for making this book a reality!


  1. Would that be your reader that has an interminably long list of tbr books? :)

  2. It's on my reader, too!

  3. It's on Pretty, and I've already read a few of the stories. Good stuff!

    little bit werewolfy ?? I thought Max was a lot of werewolfy ;)

  4. Thanks, Ava!

    He's my first werewolf!


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