Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day, 2010

Thank you.


  1. Beautiful tribute Wren. One of the most touching things I've seen is the Veitnam memorial in DC. Canadians didn't even fight there (officially) but I couldn't help but be moved to tears when I was there. It is very simple yet so powerful and there are always people there who are very emotional. You can't help but be touched.

    Also here in Ottawa, after the ceremonies today everyone lays their poppy on the tomb of the unknown soldier and to see it covered in red poppies is very moving. The phrase in Canada is "Lest we Forget", we can't forget all those who've served.

  2. Thanks, Tam.

    I agree about the Vietnam memorial. Just looking at it, at all those names, brought me to tears, but when I'd see someone touching it, remembering or praying...I was overwhelmed.

    Did you see the statue there of the Vietnam Women's Memorial? I thought it was incredibly moving as well.

  3. Lovely, Wren.

    Honoring ALL. Regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, dammit.

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  5. Those rows and rows of identical headstones at Arlington, or any national cemetery, always twist me up inside. There's no more powerful statement about war than acres of graves.

  6. Summer before last we visited the Normandy American Cemetery, and it overwhelmed me. I had to walk away from the crosses - reading the names made the reality of it unbearable, and I couldn't stop the tears.


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